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California Drought: Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Light Critical Players in California’s Expanding Water Recycling Plants
New Waste Water Recycling Methods Implemented in the Santa Clara Waste Water Recycling Plant in 2014 Image Courtesty of San Jose Mercury News. The California drought is not a new story for anyone paying attention, but its increased severity, as well as recent steps by public officials to actively curb water use by State residents has made it more visible to the rest of the nation, and the world. California [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide in the News – Expanding Decontamination Repertoire for H2O2
Bilogical Hazard Symbol It was only a matter of time.  After all, the track record for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide is extensive, and so far exceeds any other process, that it's only logical that it would be the method of choice for decontamination of Ebola sites.  High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide 'Fog' The method employed by the Texas company handling the cleanup of the apartments [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide  Proven Once Again the Safest, Most Effective Way to ‘Deconstruct’  Dangerous Toxic Chemicals
Gas masks can protect us from toxic chemicals or chemical weapons, but what do we do with them when their filters are full of toxic gases? Hydrogen Peroxide Safely Eliminates Toxic Chemicals (Chemical Weapons) from Activated Carbon Filtering Materials. We've been saying for years that h2o2 is capable of cleaning up just about anything, and solving just about any household cleaning problem, that [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Structure: Oxygen and Water
Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occuring compound formed within the cell structures of plants and animals, in the earth’s atmosphere and in the waters that cover the earth. Hydrogen Peroxide Structure: Formed in the upper atmosphere when water and ozone combine to produce oxygen and hydrogen peroxide; its true chemical role in the mechanism of climate and rainfall is far from being clearly [...]
Regulators Rumbling in Back Rooms…
This week brought an unexpected development when an email arrived from a WSJ reporter asking us about home uses of hydrogen peroxide and what we knew about regulations of H2O2... See what happens if you go away for a week? You miss the news - even if you only see it online or at google or something - a week out of the loop and you miss it! So we didn't know anything about the Zazi dude or the acetone [...]
How Green Does Your Garden Grow?
This summer we saw the true fruits of our labor in a garden overflowing with herbs, veggies and fresh fruits. After an early battle with an over abundant and over long production cycle of snails, we finally got them beat back to reasonable numbers and then the garden took off. Our lilies and stalk flowers are now towering overhead - never seen anything like it... and the herb garden is literally twice [...]
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