Purchasing Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

First, you should know that all 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
requires HazMat shipping procedures which may cost a bit
extra, and which ensure the safe transport of the hydrogen peroxide. In lower concentrations (such as 3, 8, 9 or 12% solutions). hazmat shipping is not required. Of course the 35% solution will last longer, as you need so much less of it. :)

We have been using, recommending and purchasing 35% hydrogen peroxide for a decade now from Guardian of Eden and after all these years, they finally have an affiliate program, so we’ve just added this link: Learn more about 35% food grade h2o2: click here

Many people are calling and telling us their local health food stores are discontinuing carrying food grade h2o2 for “liability” reasons. Don’t just let the supply go away: speak with your health food store directly and let them know you are willing to purchase it without it being “on the shelf” if they will allow you to do so. It helps them maintain a product that sells well and helps you keep local contacts strong.

If you cannot find 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide locally, you can still
order it online and get it From Eden’s Garden

You can also get less than 35% strength from, see below.

Concentrations Below 35% Can be Purchased through the following vendors:

Sodium Percarbonate (dry Hydrogen Peroxide) is also known as:

Information Resources

For all of you writing and asking us for a good information resource for hydrogen peroxide and health issues – this book sold at Amazon is our number one choice at the moment:


And as long as we are talking about health, we can tell you we use filters for all our tap water: NO BOTTLED WATER (see the film TappeD (also at NetFlix) about big corporate theft of small town water across the US to sell bottled water. It’s ludicrous) And filters are much better FOR you and better ecologically – and filtered water is safe for diluting H2O2. 😉 Nice…

Here’s a site that can help you out:

Water Filters – Select from a large collection of water filters and reverse osmosis systems for your home or office.

Now that you have your H2O2 and your clean water, you may want to write to ECHO, and pick up some of their books and tapes on all the excellent uses of H2O2 – I think Mr. Grotz is still sending out pamphlets so you can order direct –

E.C.H.O. Educational Concern for Hydrogen Peroxide
P.O. Box 126, Delano, MN 55328

While E.C.H.O. no longer publishes a current newsletter, you can still get a lot of great information from them by mail. Just send a self addressed stamped envelope along with $3.00 and they’ll send you a packet including newsletter highlights, articles and a list of books and other materials available, including the 1904 book by Charles Marchand they have republished. All around excellent resource!

Majid Ali, MD
A terrific resource for information about health and well being, he also has written on oxygen,
hydrogen peroxide and other important askpect of maintaining well being. – Directory of organized health information…

And last but not least… :)

New 5th Edition – 101 Home Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
available at Amazon:

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