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Tetra-Amido Macrocyclic Ligands Plus H2O2 Equals AMAZING!
Okay so I can almost say it - Tetra-amido macrocyclic ligands. These little dudes are "environmentally friendly catalysts - invented by one Terry Collins of Carnegie Mellon University. When you combine them with our hero, H2O2 - guess what? They can break down and clean up toxins from fuel sources to estrogenic compounds... (You might not know this, but these estrogenic compounds are a big deal [...]
New Vitamin C Research – H2O2 Produced Fights Cancer Cells
According to a commentary published in the August 12 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a number of studies have shown that large infusions of vitamin C can kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. The commentary authors, Balz Frei, PhD, director and endowed chair, and Stephen Lawson, both of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University said, "We [...]
Surgeon Instructs Dog Officers – Use H2O2 and Retrieve That Fingertip!!
You just never know what knowing about hydrogen peroxide can do for you... In Pasadena, Surgeon Jeanette Martello successfully re-attached the finger tip of toddler who came to close to a neighbor's pit bull... Lucky for the little fellow that Martello has a dog of her own, and has had to use the hydrogen peroxide vomit induction method on her own pooch in the past - so she knew just what to [...]
New Swiss Helicopter Runs on H2O2
SwissCopter AG: Perosin-Fuel - H2O2 Energy of the Future A new helicpoter out of Switzerland runs on something called Perosin - a 50% H2O2 mix with special additives - Safe, Effective, Efficient. The new vehicles are expected tohit the market in 2010 and are already in pre-order... SwissCopter AG - Perosin Let the oil wars rage - anyone with any sense at all is developing hydrogen and hydrogen [...]
Sodium Percarbonate – Super Smile!
In the midst of a lot of questions from readers about sodium percarbonate, I came across a very cool product I had not seen before- and one of the ingredients is... Sodium Percarbonate! Cool. So, I might have brushed this off as just another bad idea - but it turns out the products inventor is a world reknowned "father of aesthetic dentistry" Hmmm HMMMMMM! And, he has a whole system that is designed [...]
Nature Article: Roll of H2O2 in Cell Health…
An article in Nature Magazine earlier this year reveals new medical advances at Wake Forest University School of Medicine are helping scientists understand the complex role of hydrogen peroxide and regulating proteins in healthy cells. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in the body to combat bacteria and keep cells healthy. But figuring out how the cells keep the H2O2 in check so that it doesn't get [...]
Scientists Track How H2O2 Keeps Cells Healthy
In a report out of Winston Salem, MA, scientists say claim to have figured out how hydrogen peroxide is produced in the human body to assist in keeping cells healthy when bacteria levels elevate. "The report by a team of researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, published in the journal Nature, said large amounts of hydrogen peroxide are produced when the immune system is activated [...]
Racing's First "Green Team" Using H2O2 to Keep Cars Clean
We've noted for some time that professional cleaning products and companies are way ahead of the pack when it comes to using safer and healthier products. When it comes to the business of cleaning, workers and health hazards of commonly used household cleaning products part company. While many homemakers and consumers are still swimming in a chemical soup of chlorines, ammonias and other caustic [...]
H2O2 Powered Prosthetic Arm
You just never know what H2O2 will be up to next... According to a recent article in WIRED Magazine, a new prosthetic arm under development at Vanderbilt University uses rocket technology to power its 22 joints, and five moving fingers... It's a very high tech chemical reaction inside a well insulated chamber that employs cylinders and pistons to move the joints of the prosthetic elbow, wrist and even [...]
On the One Hand, This is Completely Off Topic
On the other hand... If you are interested in using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and household chores, you are most likely interested in staying alive as well! So. To digress for a moment... Since we just had a vivid reminder that we live in earthquake territory, I thought it was time to once again remind my family and friends of the "big myth" of earthquake survival. Seems it's still prevalent and [...]
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