Tetra-Amido Macrocyclic Ligands Plus H2O2 Equals AMAZING!

Tetra-amido macrocyclic ligandsOkay so I can almost say it – Tetra-amido macrocyclic ligands.

These little dudes are “environmentally friendly catalysts – invented by one Terry Collins of Carnegie Mellon University.

When you combine them with our hero, H2O2 – guess what?

They can break down and clean up toxins from fuel sources to estrogenic compounds… (You might not know this, but these estrogenic compounds are a big deal in our waste water systems – all those women on birth control pills – all that chemically produced estrogen – has to be cleaned out of the water before it’s fit for much of anything…

And there’s more! (What, you say? More? Incredible!) I know…
But it’s true: These little suckers can clean up textile plant waste water, paper pulp waste water and even fuel polluted water.

Their inventor gave a talk to the American Chemical Society this year and explained that their potential is evern greater than once thought, as they can now observe the processes and refine them for even more specific results…

According to EpOnline.com:

“The oxidation catalysts are the first highly effective mimics of peroxidase enzymes. When partnered with hydrogen peroxide, they are able to convert harmful pollutants into less toxic substances. Made from the common elements of biochemistry, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen around a reactive iron core, Fe-TAMLs are less
toxic and usable at extremely low concentrations.”

Read their whole article here:
Inventor: Green Catalysts Clean Toxins and Pollutants

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