Surgeon Instructs Dog Officers – Use H2O2 and Retrieve That Fingertip!!

You just never know what knowing about hydrogen peroxide can do for you…

In Pasadena, Surgeon Jeanette Martello successfully re-attached the finger tip of toddler who came to close to a neighbor’s pit bull…

Lucky for the little fellow that Martello has a dog of her own, and has had to use the hydrogen peroxide vomit induction method on her own pooch in the past – so she knew just what to tell the California Dog Officer in charge of the pooch to do-

And lucky for the tyke, the Dog Officer listened – and then called back excitedly to say “We have the finger! It worked!!”

Martello had learned the trick herself when her dog inadvertently consumed medications some time ago, and she frantically called local bet hospitals to find out how to get the dog to vomit up the meds before they had a chance to begin working on her pet.

Her thinking in this most recent case was similar: she needed that finger before the pit bull’s digestive enzymes began to attack it – and she got it too!

Happily, it seems the finger tip, successfully reattached by Dr. Martello and her surgical team, is healing nicely.

You can learn more about this clever and talented doctor at her web site:

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