Spring Cleaning Article Comes out in West Metro Business!

West Metro Business - Spring Cleaning by Becky MundtThanks to Walter Grotz for sending us in this copy of the West Metro Business which featured our Spring Cleaning article! Nice to see the hard copy, THANKS Walter!!!

Speaking of Walter Grotz, can we just say this man is busier than a bee at pollen time! Last time we had a few minutes to talk he was telling me all about the banana virus in the Phillippines and how they were now going to be using molasses and hydrogen perocide to spray the plants and kill the virus –

and then there were the pigs in Iowa… baby pig still births reduced to zero when the birth canal was flushed with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide just as the sow went into delivery – Now their only problem is that they need to make extrea teets for the babies – as the poor mama pigs don’t “have enough faucets” as Walter puts it! So they are making nursing bottles/baffles for the little ones and getting everyone fed –

There’s a lot more, but as always we are runnign behind and will have to catch up with all Walter’s news next time – for now, here’s the West Metro Business from Walter – Thanks Walter! Talk to you soon!

West Metro Business of Minnesota

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