Racing's First "Green Team" Using H2O2 to Keep Cars Clean

baker curb racingWe’ve noted for some time that professional cleaning products and companies are way ahead of the pack when it comes to using safer
and healthier products. When it comes to the business of cleaning, workers and health hazards of commonly used household cleaning
products part company.

While many homemakers and consumers are still swimming in a chemical soup of chlorines, ammonias and other caustic “household” cleaners, the professional cleaning industry has led the way in developing and producing healthier, environmentally sound cleaning product alternatives.

Now it seems that one such leader, EnvirOx, LLC has made a match with race car driving teams to supply them with safe alternatives for degreasers and brake cleaners on the race track and in their garages. Kudos to the racing team and the folks at EnvirOx for putting together a smart and highly visible campaign that will doubtless raise consumer awareness as well as cleaning up the race tracks and garage facilities of racing teams across the country.

Here is an except from an article published in EarthTimes yesterday:

“Our partnership with the Baker Curb Racing Green Team gives us the opportunity to inform the general public about the leadership role the professional cleaning industry is taking with issues of health and our environment, and how they also can ‘green clean’ their own homes,” states Taylor Stewart, president of EnvirOx, LLC. “The same hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology that changed the professional cleaning industry is now available to consumers through OurHouse cleaning products. Our sponsorship of the Green Team provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of these environmentally preferred cleaning alternatives.”

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