H2O2 Powered Prosthetic Arm

H2O2 Powered Prosthetic ArmYou just never know what H2O2 will be up to next…

According to a recent article in WIRED Magazine, a new prosthetic arm under development at Vanderbilt
University uses rocket technology to power its 22 joints, and five moving fingers…

It’s a very high tech chemical reaction inside a well insulated chamber that employs cylinders and pistons to move the joints of the prosthetic elbow, wrist and even the fingers.

Compared to currently available prosthetic arms which have only 2 joints, this is a big advance… but it’s not quite ready yet.

The hydrogen peroxide reacts with a small amount of iridium, which creates a 450 degree blast of vapor to fire the cylinders and power the pistons.

Now that’s a seriously powerful chemical reaction! But word is, it’s all safely contained inside the prosthetic arm; so not to worry!

It will be another year or so before the final version is ready for actual testing with a whole team of scientists still needed to produce the electrodes that will need to be implanted in users to connect their nerves to the new arm’s firing system.

Just goes to show you, you never know what new application for H2O2 is coming around the corner when you least expect it!

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