101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide Going Mainstream???

Looks like the idea of green and clean is finally going mainstream… ha ha!

Getting clean without poisoning yourself, what a concept!

And so, it seems we’re getting a little notice out there in the world. This week we heard from Lulu.com that our print book, 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide has been selected for sale on Amazon.Com! Pretty Exciting News!!

So, seems like we ought to toot our horn a little bit – eh wot? :)


Here are a few reviews from some folks who’ve known about us for longer than Amazon: and we have to remind you – we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our ebook – And that Lulu.com print direct is a bit of a discount compared to Amazon – and a bigger discount if you buy the ebook instead of the print version, of course.)

Review Number 1:

  • First, let me say I was not sure what to expect. The ebook is $25. Not a fortune, but you never know what you’re buying, right? I bought the ebook and downloaded it (worked fine). It is a .PDF file. (You have to have Acrobat Reader to read it.)
    I’m happy to say that I really like this book, and think it is a good quality product. It is well formatted, with lots of nice pictures. I know, I know, no one buys things just for pictures or formatting, but it does help to make it easy reading and pleasant. It’s very professional looking, so my first impression was good.More important, the information is good. While it is true that I already knew about many of the uses for peroxide that the book covers, there were also a few nice surprises for me, and new twists on things I already knew about…

    review number one

and here’s another one we really appreciate 😉

Review Number 2:

  • Before reading this amazing guide, little did I know that moulds had infested themselves in my windowsills, under my sink and various other unexpected places in my house. I also did not know that commercially available cleaners were capable of turning my house into a chemical waste dump. 101 Home Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide helped me clean my home in a simple and less expensive manner and I am sure it will help you do just the same. The information provided in this guide is scientifically documented by sources like National Science Foundation, EPA and NIH. This highly useful guide not only includes step-by-step instructions and handy cleaning chart but also a list of sources from where you can purchase your inexpensive and effective cleaning material.Don’t think twice before choosing this guide if your family has been suffering from bouts of asthma, cold, etc or if you have already spent huge amounts of money and time trying to get rid of the allergies persistent in your home or if you have faced problems like water damage, mold etc. The e-book contains all the tricks of the trade to eliminate stains, odors and their causes.

    Thanks, for the nice review Helpful Household Hints

It is sure a nice thing to find folks who appreciate what we do! And we want you all to know we’ve been taking your questions and answers and talking with our Master Mentor, Walter Grotz and putting together a great piece on everything from agriculture and husbandry to personal health based on our conversations – and we’re looking forward to bringing it to you soon!

Thanks for joining us on the ride! It’s sure been a hoot!

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  1. Ray Bachynski says:

    Would be nice if someone provided a dilution chart to safely use 35% H202.

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