Removing Wine Stains From Carpeting

carpet wine stainDid you know you can easily remove even dried in wine stains from carpeting with hydrogen peroxide? It’s a snap, to do.

There is one thing you need to do first, however. Find a spot of carpet that is out of the way, say in a closet, for instance. Spot test the carpet for color fastness in a back corner. Just take a q-tip, dip it in 3 percent h2o2 solution and apply it to the carpet. Let it stand a few minutes and then blot the spot dry with a cloth.

Most carpets pass this test no problem, but it is worth doing the test first if you are unsure if your carpet is really color fast. If the area is decidedly lighter than the rest of the carpet, then using hydrogen peroxide on the stained areas may also lighten them. I’ve never had this result myself, but hey, it could happen. You don’t want your carpet full of light spots any more than you want it full of wine spots, so do the test first.

Now once you’ve tested the carpet, take a clean sponge, a few q-tips and a dry clean cloth along with a spray bottle of 3 percent h2o2 solution and let’s get to work.

If the stains are small and precise droplet size, set the sprayer to stream instead of mist, and saturate the stain with solution. Use the sponge to rough up the nap of the carpet a bit and get the solution through the entire depth of the stain. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes and then blot with the clean dry cloth. For really small stains, use your q-tip in place of the sponge.

For larger stains, set the sprayer on mist and spray until the entire stained area is saturated with the hydrogen peroxide. Use the sponge to “rough up” the carpet nap same as with the smaller stains. Be careful not to be too overzealous doing this. It is not the aim to rub the carpet to death, only to help distribute the hydrogen peroxide throughout the depth of the carpeting. Let stand at least 5 minutes, then blot with your clean cloth.

The easiest way to blot larger stains is to place the cloth on the stain and stand on top of it. That way your weight will do the work for you. Make sure your cloth is clean, dry and absorbant for best results.

Even for long standing dark stains this application has worked every time, although a few times I did have to repeat the process to achieve the complete disappearance of the stain.

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