South Carolina Gardener Gets Ginormous Results Growing Tomatoes with Hydrogen Peroxide

Beautiful FruitsWe’ve used hydrogen peroxide in the garden and on house plants for years, with great results.

Using it when sprouting seeds speeds up the sprouting process, too.

But this South Carolina gardener  has done something most folks have never even dreamed of. He grows tomatoes that are 12 feet tall!  You read that right. Twelve feet tall! That’s some mighty big growth for a tomato plant, wouldn’t you agree?

How does he do it? Well, I actually had to get on the telephone to speak with him about it, because I wanted to know what he was doing to get these results.

Not just ‘a general idea’ like ‘he uses hydrogen peroxide’ but exactly HOW he does it, right? No vague sort of maybe kind of or guess work for me, I wanted the stratight scoop. Here’s what I learned.

There ‘s a method to his madness.

First, he grows plants he gets from seedlings to about 12 inches tall, then he re-pots them and plants them in at about 6 inches deep, so half the plant is in the soil, and trims them back.

Giant Tomatoes

Next, he grows those plants up until they are 18 inches tall or so, and plants them into the garden the same way- planting half the plant in the soil so they are now about 9 inches tall in the garden. He does two other things when he plants them out into the garden:

1. He fills the bottom of the planting  hole with his special hydrogen peroxide solution.
2. He trims back all the major limbs on the plant so there’s no leggy growth.

He then sprays the plants a couple times a week with his H2O2 solution. He says he also likes to let the plants get at least one good ‘wilt’ in the first month – so their roots will work to go deeper. Otherwise, he gives them plenty of water.

The solution he uses? 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 8 parts water.

Pretty simple! But what amazing results!

And in case you’re wondering if these tomatoes are all bush and no fruit, just take a look at the second photo of those gorgeous tomatoes. And don’t forget to trim those sucker leaves every week or so, yup, you still have to do that too. :)

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  1. Jesús A. Chacón V says:

    Me encantó oeste crecimiento y la prorducción de los tomates, pienso que se pudiera utilisar en todos los cultivos agrícolas y revolucionar la producción mundial…Estoy sumamente interesado en adquirir el libro dee 101 usos del peróxido de hidrógeno, sumamente interesado..
    Gracias mil

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