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New Hydrogen Peroxide Measuring Device for Swimming Pools
ProMinent Fluid Controls introduces a new Hydrogen Peroxide Measurement Station In a press release earlier this month, ProMinent Fluid Controls announced a new measurement station for the measurement and control of hydrogen peroxide used in swimming pools, or for the treatment of contaminated waste water or process media from production environments. As part of their release, ProMinent noted: Totally [...]
Hot Soak for Health – New Hot Tub Alternative
In a story from the Regal Courrier, a new form of "tubbing" using a foot soaking tub called "Footopia" made the news this month. This clever hot tub alternative allows you to soak your feet and lower legs in lovely warm (104 degrees max) water. Easier to care for and less hassle than a full on hot tub, these unique new soaking tubs for the feet replicate an idea that has long been popular in [...]
Is Chlorine Really a Safe Pool and Spa Disinfectant?
While there are no conclusive studies showing a direct correlation between chlorination of swimming pools and specific health hazards, there are many studies which have demonstrated that long term exposure to chlorinated municipal drinking water significantly increases certain types of cancer in humans. Certainly, if no altermative disinfection method for swimming pools and spas is available, then [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide for Hot Tubs
There is nothing so relaxing as a warm, bubbling soak in a hot tub... Particularly if that hot tub is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorinated. The  oxygen enriched water smells clean and fresh, softening your skin and soothing your body as you soak. According to the Merck index, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a water disinfectant. In fact, it is used internationally for water disinfection, [...]
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