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California Drought: Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Light Critical Players in California’s Expanding Water Recycling Plants
New Waste Water Recycling Methods Implemented in the Santa Clara Waste Water Recycling Plant in 2014 Image Courtesty of San Jose Mercury News. The California drought is not a new story for anyone paying attention, but its increased severity, as well as recent steps by public officials to actively curb water use by State residents has made it more visible to the rest of the nation, and the world. California [...]
Could Hydrogen Peroxide Really Help End World Hunger?
A haredi youth stands next to piles of potatoes in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Matanya Tausig/Flash90)Read more: Could an Israeli-created innovation end world hunger? | The Times of Israel us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook This newest hydrogen peroxide breakthrough actually [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide in the News – Expanding Decontamination Repertoire for H2O2
Bilogical Hazard Symbol It was only a matter of time.  After all, the track record for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide is extensive, and so far exceeds any other process, that it's only logical that it would be the method of choice for decontamination of Ebola sites.  High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide 'Fog' The method employed by the Texas company handling the cleanup of the apartments [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide  Proven Once Again the Safest, Most Effective Way to ‘Deconstruct’  Dangerous Toxic Chemicals
Gas masks can protect us from toxic chemicals or chemical weapons, but what do we do with them when their filters are full of toxic gases? Hydrogen Peroxide Safely Eliminates Toxic Chemicals (Chemical Weapons) from Activated Carbon Filtering Materials. We've been saying for years that h2o2 is capable of cleaning up just about anything, and solving just about any household cleaning problem, that [...]
New Study Finds Vitamin C Helps Heal Cancer – H2O2 Has Interesting Roll
Nice to see this new article in the LA Times, and to see that finally after all these years, the medical profession is starting to take vitamin C seriously again... But sad to see that it will most likely go nowhere because as even the medical professionals themselves point out, there is no money to be made in proving vitamin C heals anything - "because you cannot patent it." Incredible to see it [...]
Science Daily and Nature Journal Spotlight Hydrogen Peroxide
Take a look at what they're saying about hydrogen peroxide in the science and nature circles this month... Seems our old standby is getting some good press for a change - nice! Hydrogen Peroxide Marshals Immune System ScienceDaily (June 4, 2009) — When you were a kid your mom poured it on your scraped finger to stave off infection. When you got older you might have even used it to bleach your hair. [...]
101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide Going Mainstream???
Looks like the idea of green and clean is finally going mainstream... ha ha! Getting clean without poisoning yourself, what a concept! And so, it seems we're getting a little notice out there in the world. This week we heard from that our print book, 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide has been selected for sale on Amazon.Com! Pretty Exciting News!! So, seems like we ought to toot our horn [...]
Karen Leland: 7 Steps To A Super Natural Home and Life
Beth Greer thought she was leading a healthy life. But after a lifetime of eating right and exercising regularly, at age 49, she was diagnosed with a 5-centimeter tumor in her chest. The tumor, although eventually discovered to be benign, caused pain in her shoulder, which radiated down her arm and made two of her fingers numb. The three top thoracic surgeons Greer consulted all told her that surgery [...]
Anne Dunev: Secrets to Avoiding Winter Flu Blues
I was amazed at how many people were down with the flu over the last month. We live in Los Angeles, and many of our friends headed for the shores of Florida or the mountains of Colorado. Expecting glowing reports of lazy days on the beach, or blissful hours schussing down the mountains, instead we heard glum descriptions of being bed-ridden with fever, aches and congestion. It is common knowledge [...]
Spring Cleaning Article Comes out in West Metro Business!
Thanks to Walter Grotz for sending us in this copy of the West Metro Business which featured our Spring Cleaning article! Nice to see the hard copy, THANKS Walter!!! Speaking of Walter Grotz, can we just say this man is busier than a bee at pollen time! Last time we had a few minutes to talk he was telling me all about the banana virus in the Phillippines and how they were now going to be using molasses [...]
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