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"Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – Why Food Grade?"
When you are using hydrogen peroxide around the house, it may seem no big deal to use drugstore variety or grocer brand hydrogen peroxide. After all, cleaning bathroom tiles or toilets, we don't really need to think about the trace elements of additives in the store brand varieties do we? It's a worthy question. Using food grade hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen, however, is a basic "must" of [...]
"Hydrogen Peroxide a "Perfect" Stain Remover According to CBS"
The highly effective stain removing qualities of hydrogen peroxide showed up again in the news this month, as CBS did a special report on Stain Remover Must Haves... Nice to see our old friend H2O2 making the top of the list once more! Excerpt: "Stains are costly so Lisa Freeman of ShopSmart magazine from Consumer Reports tested stain removers to determine the most effective." "Wine, fruit juice, [...]
Remove Pet Odors From Carpets
Pet odors can be a very unpleasant "side benefit" of pet ownership... While it's true that Fido is your best friend, his doggie dander shedding hair and occasional "accidents" can make him hard to live with. Whether its Fido or Felix the cat, pet odors can turn your home from a sanctuary into a smelly cesspool faster than you can say Jack Rabbit. What to do? First, forget the ammonia, forget the [...]
Concrete Comes Clean with Sodium Percarbonate
Clean up that concrete walkway, patio or front step with a safe, easy and effective solution of sodium percarbonate and warm to hot water. Removing stains, washed in dirt, mold, mildew and even algae, sodium percarbonate will also leave the area smelling fresh. It won't harm nearby grass or plants, just rinse the area well when done. Why? Because sodium percarbonate may be called an "oxygen cleaner" [...]
Removing Wine Stains From Carpeting
Did you know you can easily remove even dried in wine stains from carpeting with hydrogen peroxide? It's a snap, to do. There is one thing you need to do first, however. Find a spot of carpet that is out of the way, say in a closet, for instance. Spot test the carpet for color fastness in a back corner. Just take a q-tip, dip it in 3 percent h2o2 solution and apply it to the carpet. Let it stand a [...]
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