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H2O2 and Baking Soda: The Ultimate Insulated Mug and Thermos Restoring Combination
Insulated coffee mugs are great, no question; but after a while, even with regular washing, they can look pretty dingy and even affect the taste of your favorite brew. What to do?  You can't put them in the dishwasher, and even if you could, it probably would not accomplish what you want. Because what you want is a like-new fresh and clean cup with no coffee stains, that has no taste or odor of [...]
Sodium Percarbonate – Super Smile!
In the midst of a lot of questions from readers about sodium percarbonate, I came across a very cool product I had not seen before- and one of the ingredients is... Sodium Percarbonate! Cool. So, I might have brushed this off as just another bad idea - but it turns out the products inventor is a world reknowned "father of aesthetic dentistry" Hmmm HMMMMMM! And, he has a whole system that is designed [...]
If Your Pet Eats Poison, H2O2 Can Induce Vomiting
Recently a friend of ours had a near-dog-death experience when their favorite canine got into a neighbor's supply of rat poison. We'll refrain from commenting on what sort of neighbor leaves rat poison lying about where poochy pet neighbors can find and eat it, for now... But the important lesson we learned was this: Because the canine in question was seen at the scene, and it was known that [...]
Mold and Mildew Removal with H2O2
Before you begin splashing chlorine bleach around the house to remove mold or mildew, consider using H2O2 instead. Why? Well, for a few good reasons. Not the least of which is that it works. Why else? Because unlike chlorine based products which form organochlorines in the environment (for example, dioxin)and produce other toxic and long lasting by-products which do not break down in the environment; hydrogen [...]
New Second Edition Print Version of "101 Home Uses of H2O2" Now Available! is proud to announce the release of the Second Edition of the print version of "101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide". You can pick up your copy of the newest edition at Lulu. com by following the link here: We had a copy of the book sent over to E.C.H.O. for review by Mr. Grotz (the man who knows more about H2O2 than anyone we know!) and today [...]
Keep it Fresh with Hydrogen Peroxide
Whether it's a crisp head of Romaine or a new bag of fresh spinach, you can keep greens, fruits and veggies fresh and healthy longer with hydrogen peroxide. Spritz fresh cut salads immediately after making (before there is any dressing on them), then cover and keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve. If you only dress the salad you serve, you can return the remaining salad to the refrigerator [...]
Tired Aching Feet Find Relief with Hydrogen Peroxide Soaks
Finishing up another hectic week of rushing from one thing to the next, you fall into bed on Friday night relishing the idea that tomorrow you can stay in bed that extra 30 minutes or so... Or perhaps you'll be up extra early to get in that weekly reunion with the ocean on your surfboard, or to get to work on yet another home improvement project... Whatever your schedule may portend, giving your [...]
Healthy Living House Cleaning Includes Hydrogen Peroxide
The recent proliferation of natural cleaning products from small new start-up companies only points out that right up until 2007, the home cleaning products market is still far "behind the times" in the minds of many consumers. Many new companies offering products safe to be used around babies, small children, pets, and even the elderly, have been sparked into action by their owners' desires [...]
"AP Reports Hydrogen Peroxide Great for Tile Grout Cleaning"
Hydrogen peroxide is showing up in all sorts of press this month. An article in the Gwinnett Daily Post has an AP article extolling the virtues of hydrogen peroxide for tile grout cleaning... but we must say we want to give them a little more insight into the solution. Don't simply scrub the grout with a toothbrush soaked in h2o2; instead, use a spray bottle for your 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide... [...]
New Review of "101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide" is pleased to provide our readers with access to the review of our recently released e-book "101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide" by! You can find the review here: Review "101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide" by For more information on our e-book, visit The e-book sales page.
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