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South Carolina Gardener Gets Ginormous Results Growing Tomatoes with Hydrogen Peroxide
We've used hydrogen peroxide in the garden and on house plants for years, with great results. Using it when sprouting seeds speeds up the sprouting process, too. But this South Carolina gardener  has done something most folks have never even dreamed of. He grows tomatoes that are 12 feet tall!  You read that right. Twelve feet tall! That's some mighty big growth for a tomato plant, wouldn't [...]
Speed up Spring Planting: Using H2O2 to Boost and Speed Up Seed Germination
Getting plants into the ground at just the right time can be tricky business. Never mind the weather choosing to co-operate or not, the seedlings have to be the right size to head out into the garden on time; and if they're not, you just have to wait... One way to make sure your seedlings are in tip top shape and ready to go right on schedule is to boost your germination rate and the speed of germination [...]
How Green Does Your Garden Grow?
This summer we saw the true fruits of our labor in a garden overflowing with herbs, veggies and fresh fruits. After an early battle with an over abundant and over long production cycle of snails, we finally got them beat back to reasonable numbers and then the garden took off. Our lilies and stalk flowers are now towering overhead - never seen anything like it... and the herb garden is literally twice [...]
An Experimental Application for Weevils in Alfalfa
This is a new story we just came across through some of our friends in the hydrogen peroxide world... Seems there was a farmer in Iowa who was having a rather serious weevil problem in their alfalfa fields. Now, if someone had asked, most likely I'd have suggested they start with a 3 percent solution to test if there was any improvement... But no one asked. I've used hydrogen peroxide to heal all [...]
Fighting Fire Blight and Other Bacterial Diseases with Hydrogen Peroxide
Do you have trouble with bacterial diseases on fruit and ornamental plants? You might want to try using a spray bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to combat the problem. You can apply the hydrogen peroxide directly to plant leaves, bark and buds where the blight or disease is visible. The hydrogen peroxide is a great bacteria killer, and will not harm most flowering shrubs and fruit trees. [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Garden Applications
Hydrogen peroxide is a natural part of the plant metabolic system and is produced and synthesized in different systems within plant structure. It is a natural compound produced in the breakdown of plants as well, particularly well suited for water garden applications. In the home garden, a 3 percent solution in a mister works well to combat black spot leaf disease on roses, gardenias and other susceptible [...]
Keep Outdoor Fountains Clean and Clear with Hydrogen Peroxide
Outdoor fountains add beauty and tranquility to the garden landscape. The cascading water is soothing to the ear and pleasing to the eye. But when those waters become green and filled with slime and algae, the effect is not only no longer beautiful to look at, it can become a source of foul odors, mosquito and other insect breeding and a potential health hazard. To keep outdoor fountains sparkling [...]
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