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Mold and Mildew Removal with H2O2
Before you begin splashing chlorine bleach around the house to remove mold or mildew, consider using H2O2 instead. Why? Well, for a few good reasons. Not the least of which is that it works. Why else? Because unlike chlorine based products which form organochlorines in the environment (for example, dioxin)and produce other toxic and long lasting by-products which do not break down in the environment; hydrogen [...]
New Second Edition Print Version of "101 Home Uses of H2O2" Now Available! is proud to announce the release of the Second Edition of the print version of "101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide". You can pick up your copy of the newest edition at Lulu. com by following the link here: We had a copy of the book sent over to E.C.H.O. for review by Mr. Grotz (the man who knows more about H2O2 than anyone we know!) and today [...]
New Hydrogen Peroxide Measuring Device for Swimming Pools
ProMinent Fluid Controls introduces a new Hydrogen Peroxide Measurement Station In a press release earlier this month, ProMinent Fluid Controls announced a new measurement station for the measurement and control of hydrogen peroxide used in swimming pools, or for the treatment of contaminated waste water or process media from production environments. As part of their release, ProMinent noted: Totally [...]
Keep it Fresh with Hydrogen Peroxide
Whether it's a crisp head of Romaine or a new bag of fresh spinach, you can keep greens, fruits and veggies fresh and healthy longer with hydrogen peroxide. Spritz fresh cut salads immediately after making (before there is any dressing on them), then cover and keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve. If you only dress the salad you serve, you can return the remaining salad to the refrigerator [...]
An Experimental Application for Weevils in Alfalfa
This is a new story we just came across through some of our friends in the hydrogen peroxide world... Seems there was a farmer in Iowa who was having a rather serious weevil problem in their alfalfa fields. Now, if someone had asked, most likely I'd have suggested they start with a 3 percent solution to test if there was any improvement... But no one asked. I've used hydrogen peroxide to heal all [...]
Do You Have a Question About Using Hydrogen Peroxide?
Do you have questions about hydrogen peroxide use around your home, for personal hygiene, with plants, fish or animals? We've done a lot of research and we like finding the answers to questions. If you like to submit a question, you may do so on our Contact Page.
Turning 35% FoodGrade H2O2 into a Classified Drug for Aquaculture Use
Our continuing research in the many fields in which hydrogen peroxide plays a role over the last few months has been enlightening to say the least. The pervasive consumer products industries in home, health and personal care sectors continues, for the most part, to undermine most common and simple uses of hydrogen peroxide. Yet evidence is clear that hydrogen peroxide is an effective anti viral, [...]
Green Cleaning – Is a Label Without a List Still a Label?
The news these days is full of new product releases from natural toothpastes to green cleaning products… But are they really? And how could you tell? With toothpaste there is a required list of ingredients on the label, which is some help… But with cleaning products, in many cases there is no ingredient list; and none is currently required. So what’s a green shopper to do? Well, you could [...]
Are You a LOHAS?
From the Globe and Mail to local city papers across the U.S. the buzz is on about Green Cleaning this Spring. Dierdre Imus' new book Green This! Is just hitting the shelves and all over the landscape people are talking about how they keep house. Stories ranging from personal encounters with white vinegar smelling up the kitchen to advice on how to transform your Spring cleaning with non-toxic [...]
Tired Aching Feet Find Relief with Hydrogen Peroxide Soaks
Finishing up another hectic week of rushing from one thing to the next, you fall into bed on Friday night relishing the idea that tomorrow you can stay in bed that extra 30 minutes or so... Or perhaps you'll be up extra early to get in that weekly reunion with the ocean on your surfboard, or to get to work on yet another home improvement project... Whatever your schedule may portend, giving your [...]
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