New Study Finds Vitamin C Helps Heal Cancer – H2O2 Has Interesting Roll

Studies examine vitamin C in cancer therapyNice to see this new article in the LA Times, and to see that finally after all these years, the medical profession is starting to take vitamin C seriously again… But sad to see that it will most likely go nowhere because as even the medical professionals themselves point out, there is no money to be made in proving vitamin C heals anything – “because you cannot patent it.”

Incredible to see it so blatently stated that no cure that might actually work to heal people suffering from cancer will get anywhere unless it can be turned into a mega-moneymaker for the drug companies.  What a sorry state of affairs we are all in.

An interesting side note of the story is the role of hydrogen peroxide:

“In the new experiments, researchers examined the effects of vitamin C, also known as ascorbate, on a variety of cancer cells in the lab and in ovarian cancer cells in mice. When high concentrations entered the space between cells, it formed hydrogen peroxide.

That chemical went to work on cancerous cells in several ways: It damaged their DNA, it stressed their metabolism and inhibited their growth, said study senior author Qi Chen, a biochemist at the University of Kansas”.

Perhaps some day the world of health care will really be driven by the desire and goal to make people well, rather than the drive for personal wealth by a select few. We can only hope. Meantime, keep following the stories of those who are experimenting outside the walls of the ‘halls of medicine’ which seem, at least for now, to be run by greed rather than the oath to ‘do no harm’.,0,6444357.story#axzz2sZhThKYd


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