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For most of us, hydrogen peroxide is that brown bottle we picked up at the local drugstore eons ago, and stuck in the back of the medicine cabinet.

H2O2 Wash Cleans Bacteria and Germs From FruitsLet’s keep this simple. First, the three major areas of household and consumer uses of hydrogen peroxide are:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide Home Uses
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide for Pools and Spas

Home uses of hydrogen peroxide literally run the gamut from the kitchen, laundry, bath, and all through the house, right out into the garden.

Replacing toxic abrasive and environmentally persistent chemicals as they go; these 2 h’s and 2 o’s join together to create a cleaner clean and a safe, healthy environment in and around the home. Hydrogen peroxide is used in many industries in applications including caustic baths in chip and metal fabrications, oxygenator in public water gardens, and rocket fuel to launch space shuttles.

In its dry form, sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide is used in
agriculture, aquaculture and a host of other commercial applications.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is prepared for use in the food preparation and packaging industry. It is regulated for its ability to safely sanitize food preparation and packaging facilities. At its 35% solution strength it will kill bacteria, pathogens, fungi and other microbial organisms within 20 seconds of contact. Yet it breaks down into oxygen and water upon release of its oxidizing properties.

Space Shuttles Launch Using X-37 Specialized hydrogen peroxide fuel.

Space Shuttles Launch Using X-37 Specialized hydrogen peroxide fuel.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide has the highest standard for non toxicity to humans. This does not mean that Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is designed or designated as a food or a food product or for human consumption; it does mean that the stabilizers in it are not the toxic stabilizers used in industrial and pharmaceutical grades of hydrogen peroxide.

Commercially produced in strengths ranging from 3% to nearly 100%, hydrogen peroxide grades and varieties are designed for vastly different applications. Higher solution grades require more effective stabilizers, many of which are toxic to humans.Perhaps it is the sheer variety of these grades and applications of hydrogen peroxide which has given rise to the seemingly endless misunderstandings about this simple chemical compound.

While certainly there is no useful application for rocket fuel grades of hydrogen peroxide outside of very strict and controlled environments; there are hundreds and thousands of applications for its less concentrated varieties. Because industrial uses do not require a non-toxic or “food safe” stabilizer in most cases, they are unsuitable for use in and around our homes and kitchens.

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