Turning 35% FoodGrade H2O2 into a Classified Drug for Aquaculture Use

aquacultureOur continuing research in the many fields in which hydrogen peroxide plays a role over the last few months has been enlightening to say the least.

The pervasive consumer products industries in home, health and personal care sectors continues, for the most part, to undermine most common and simple uses of hydrogen peroxide. Yet evidence is clear that hydrogen peroxide is an effective anti viral, anti microbial and anti bacterial agent in fields as far ranging as agriculture, aqua culture, water treatment, animal husbandry, and even in the “war on terror”.

Coffee filters, toilet paper and hundreds of other consumer products are now touting “Oxygen” bleached properties… yet no one uses
those conspicuous two words: “hydrogen peroxide” when discussing this new “environmentally safe alternative to chlorine”. They tell
us it is environmentally safe and that the bleaching agent is oxygen… and carefully sidestep the issue of what FORM of oxygen is used.

It’s simple really; they used to use chlorine dioxide; now they use hydrogen dioxide; or hydrogen peroxide… (look it up in Merck Index; dioxide and peroxide are interchangeable words). Learn something new every day, I can guarantee you that has been happening around here.

This week we learned so much we had to take a step back to take it all in. But this one tidbit of information seemed important enough
to get out on the site right away:

According to MoAA News; the newsletter of the Missouri Aquaculture Community, a new “Drug” is being introduced for use in aquaculture to prevent certain prevalent fish diseases… It’s name? 35% Perox Aid (registered trademark)…

Let’s take a look at how this new drug is being marketed. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter:

The first new waterborne drug approved for a disease claim for any aquatic species in more than twenty years.The second aquaculture drug to gain designation under the Minor Use and Minor Species (MUMS) Animal Health Act which entitles Eka Chemicals, Inc. to seven years of exclusivity for marketing rights for the approved label claims.

The first new aquaculture drug with an original approval covering multiple label claims for use in a variety of finfish species 35% Perox-Aid® is approved with over-the-counter marketing status and has no  equirement for an acceptable daily intake, tolerance, withdrawal time, or regulatory method. Eka Chemicals Inc. has licensed Western Chemical Inc. as the sole distributor of 35% Perox-Aid®.

This first new approval is as recent as January 2007; it’s announcement is in the March Issue of MoAA; and it is clearly the latest successful translation of food grade hydrogen peroxide into a branded exclusive “drug” product; overcoming poor hydrogen peroxide’s only major crime to date: Not being “economically viable”; whether it’s in the field of medicine, home cleaning or food production, hydrogen peroxide is simply too inexpensive and too effective to be marketed with any real economic “viability”.

Ah, if only we could turn it into an exclusive “drug”…

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