Sodium Percarbonate – Super Smile!

super smile teeth whitening systemIn the midst of a lot of questions from readers about sodium percarbonate, I came across a very cool product I had not seen
before- and one of the ingredients is… Sodium Percarbonate!


So, I might have brushed this off as just another bad idea – but it turns out the products inventor is a world reknowned “father of
aesthetic dentistry” Hmmm HMMMMMM!

And, he has a whole system that is designed to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and WHITE called “Super Smile” that is actually known about and used world wide! Go figure!

I know, I know, you want to know how to find it… simple as pie: go to Super Smile Dot Com!

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? :)

Nope, I am not affiliated with Dr. Smigel. I do think his name is great, though! Geesh, he could have changed a few letters and been Dr. SMILE!

So for all of you wondering if you can use sodium percarbonate as mouth wash, looks like the answer is yes – but I’d buy his formula if I were you. Otherwise, I’d stick to my regular 3 percent H2O2 solution for regular mouth rinse and “swishing”.

I got a nasty summer cold last week – duh, forgot to do the ear drop thingy – and blammo, coughing and hacking and all the rest. Yuck. But I kept up my nightly 3 percent mouth rinse and swishing (up to 10 minutes if I can stand it, usually I only last about 4 to 5 minutes though) and I got better really fast! Plus that little sore spot in my mouth (did I mention I bit my lip?) was all better in ONE DAY.

Now that’s a good reason to stick with plain old 3 percent H2O2 for mouth wash in my book… But heck, I just might try Dr. Smigel’s Super Smile myself and see what I think of it – apparently it’s great for those times when you can’t brush and very convenient too!

Happy Gargling!

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