Regulators Rumbling in Back Rooms…

This week brought an unexpected development when an email arrived from a WSJ reporter asking us about home uses of hydrogen peroxide and what we knew about regulations of H2O2…

See what happens if you go away for a week? You miss the news – even if you only see it online or at google or something – a week out of the loop and you miss it! So we didn’t know anything about the Zazi dude or the acetone and beauty parlor peroxide story that everyone else was all ‘a-twitter’ about last week – we were deep in another world in our real estate work – and didn’t even hear one news story all week!

After some conversation with a lovely reporter from WSJ named Ellen, we became aware that what she was wondering was whether or not any of us, or our hydrogen peroxide enthusiasts had heard anything about regulating the sale of our favorite food grade H2O2. Well, clearly we had not – so I thought I should take a look see and check with our known suppliers here and there – anyone seeing anything peculiar? Getting strange calls about not selling FGH2O2?

Happily, thus far it seems that we are in the clear – (but of course after only one week it seems unlikely that there would be any new action or regulation that fast!) But we wanted to make a note of the event – simply because we certainly do not think we should be prohibited from buying and using hydrogen peroxide as we always have – And of course it seems logical that the 3% variety at every grocer and drug store would not be the target of any such crazy idea – after all, 3% H2O2 is 97% water – not exactly easy to use for anything harmful!

But nonetheless, we make note that there seems to be rumbling and so we simply remind ourselves and everyone we know that our friend H2O2 is really NOT a great weapon, for terrorists or anyone else – You cannot simply mix it up and use it to hurt people – it’s just way more complicated than that – and we know there are a lot more lethal ingredients out there that could cause a lot more harm than our friendly H2O2.

Consider that chlorine gas was a major weapon of WWI – I mean, if you want to remove a dangerous toxin, why not look at bleach? (hint hint nudge nudge) And hydrogen peroxide will never break down in the environment to form Dioxin the way chlorine can… So, dear regulators, when this crosses your desks – just shake your head and smile, and let our hydrogen peroxide be – after all, of all the things that might cause harm, surely this is not one at the top of any list –

With all its beneficial and elegant solutions to so many common household challenges, and its clearly superior invisibility in the environmental impact department (remember what else do you use that breaks down to water and oxygen?) hydrogen peroxide is surely no target for the ‘anti-terrorist regulators’. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

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  1. Craig says:

    Unfortunately, if regulators start looking at FGH2O2, it will be driven by the pharmaceutical industry trying to stop us from using it to heal any number of diseases ourselves cheaply. Of course, it will be under the guise of “the war on terror” or “to prevent children from accidentally finding it in the kitchen and coming to harm”. Make no mistake, any regulation of FGH2O2 will be driven by the continued economic enslavement of the free population by the pharmaceutical industry. To think otherwise, and try to appeal to regulators that FGH2O2 is not “bomb” material is naive. We need to protect our rights in this regard and be prepared for a fight, because it will happen, in just the same way that big pharma is behind the things like the bid to make Vitamin C something only a doctor can prescribe.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks to every one here voicing their opinions we are still able to sell and purchase Hydrogen 2o2 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. The comment above hit the nail on the head. Let’s all keep exercising our right to a healthy life.

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