New Hydrogen Peroxide Measuring Device for Swimming Pools

ProMinent Fluid Controls introduces a new Hydrogen Peroxide Measurement Station In a press release earlier this month, ProMinent Fluid Controls announced a new measurement station for the measurement and control of hydrogen peroxide used in swimming pools, or for the treatment of contaminated waste water or process media from production environments.

As part of their release, ProMinent noted:

Totally biodegradable, hydrogen peroxide is frequently used as a disinfectant or oxidant in water treatment and production. The new system features a new PER1 membrane-covered amperometric sensor in combination with a D1C single channel controller, now available for hydrogen peroxide measurement. This compact unit saves space, has low installation costs and requires little maintenance.

The new device includes a sensor sealed in an impermeable silicone membrane. It is sturdy, durable and easy to install and use according to company literature, and is designed to measure hydrogen peroxide concentrations in the range from 2-200mg/L or 20-2000mg/L

So for all those swimming enthusiasts who’ve been wanting a simple way to keep track of the hydrogen peroxide levels in their pools it looks like this is the perfect solution.

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