If Your Pet Eats Poison, H2O2 Can Induce Vomiting

matildaRecently a friend of ours had a near-dog-death experience when their favorite canine got into a neighbor’s supply of rat poison.

We’ll refrain from commenting on what sort of neighbor leaves rat poison lying about where poochy pet neighbors can find and eat it, for now…

But the important lesson we learned was this:

Because the canine in question was seen at the scene, and it was known that the ingested substance was rat poison, our friend was able to call his vet and get direct instructions on what to do.

Case in point: if you do not know what Fido ate, ingested or otherwised consumed, you need to establish that first. You can call the Pet Poison Control Hotline to get help if you are observing symptoms and don’t know what Fido ate.

There may be a fee associated with your call, but if Fido is really your best pal, that nominal charge won’t be an issue.
Their number is 1-888-426-4435. (Sorry, I think that’s inside the U.S. only!)

But, if you do know what Fido ate, and if you know that inducing vomiting is what you need to do, then you’ll be pleased to know that only 2 teaspoons of good old 3 percent H2O2 will do the trick in the vast majority of cases.

Of course, Fido might not love the idea and will most likely NOT offer to drink it down voluntarily, but if you can get 2 little teaspoonsful of H2O2 down his throat chances are good that throwing up will be what happens next.

In our friend’s case, the vet prescribed just this remedy and within a few moments the dog was wretching and spewing and all that nasty rat poison was out of his gut. He recovered completely in less than 24 hours, and… with any luck at all, learned a valuable lesson about eating random finds at the neighbor’s house… but that remains to be seen.

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