"Hydrogen Peroxide a "Perfect" Stain Remover According to CBS"

stained shirtThe highly effective stain removing qualities of hydrogen peroxide showed up again in the news this month, as CBS did a special report
on Stain Remover Must Haves…

Nice to see our old friend H2O2 making the top of the list once more!

“Stains are costly so Lisa Freeman of ShopSmart magazine from Consumer Reports tested stain removers to determine the most effective.”

“Wine, fruit juice, blood these are the kinds of stains that hydrogen peroxide is perfect for,” said Freeman. “Take a cotton ball, soak it in the hydrogen peroxide and then put in on, directly onto the material until the stain comes out.”

The incredible efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in organic stain removal takes it right to the top of any list of “Must Have” household cleaning products, to be certain. From juice to grass stains, dirt, blood or any stain that comes from natural sources, hydrogen peroxide is the first line of defense.

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