Hot Soak for Health – New Hot Tub Alternative

In a story from the Regal Courrier, a new form of “tubbing” using a foot soaking tub called “Footopia” made the news this month.

This clever hot tub alternative allows you to soak your feet and lower legs in lovely warm (104 degrees max) water. Easier to care for and less hassle than a full on hot tub, these unique new soaking tubs for the feet replicate an idea that has long been popular in Japan and other countries around the world.

Soaking the feet in warm water improves circulation and soothes the soul, as anyone who is a dedicated foot soaker knows…

With these new foot spas, there is no need to use chlorine or other dangerous chemicals to sterilize the water, and because the spas hole only 50 gallons of water, changing the water every few months is not a major issue.

In fact, the creator/distributors of these lovely new foot spas recommend using a non chlorine cleaner as well as changing the water every 3 months. If you’re ready for a little bit of heaven right at your feet, you’ll definitely want to check out these hot soak foot spas at

Ashiyu Patio Foot Spas
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