Healthy Living House Cleaning Includes Hydrogen Peroxide

The recent proliferation of natural cleaning products from small new start-up companies only points out that right up until 2007, the home cleaning products market is still far “behind the times” in the minds of many consumers.

Many new companies offering products safe to be used around babies, small children, pets, and even the elderly, have been sparked into action by their owners’ desires to have and use such products in their own homes.

While that’s great news, and we’re always thrilled when new products which are safe, effective and earth friendly are brought to the market, you don’t have to wait for the new products to arrive before you can switch your house cleaning methods to a safer, and cleaner regimen.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great all around all purpose house cleaning agent and works very well on most surfaces. It is also great at killing molds and mildews, and pesky bacteria.

Use it diluted in cold water for a vegetable bath to remove dangerous toxins, pesticides and other bacteria from produce, and as an
all purpose kitchen cleaner in a regular spray bottle.

Hydrogen peroxide also works well to clean carpeting, for upholstery cleaning and for spot and stain removal.

So if you’re serious about removing the dangerous and toxic chemicals in your house cleaning work, take hydrogen peroxide for a spin and you’ll see, it is up to the task.

Learn more about healthy living with hydrogen peroxide in 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide. A complete guide to using hydrogen peroxide around the home for cleaning, personal care and much much more!

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