Fighting Fire Blight and Other Bacterial Diseases with Hydrogen Peroxide

blightDo you have trouble with bacterial diseases on fruit and ornamental plants?

You might want to try using a spray bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to combat the problem. You can apply the hydrogen peroxide directly to plant leaves, bark and buds where the blight or disease is visible.

The hydrogen peroxide is a great bacteria killer, and will not harm most flowering shrubs and fruit trees. (Some extremely tender plants can become slightly “burned” but this is rare.)

Howard Garrett of the Dallas News includes this little snippet about using hydrogen peroxide in his columne today:

It soon will be time for my fruit trees to bloom. I have two ‘Moonglow’ pears that suffered from fire blight last year.

I bought copper soap fungicide for use during dormancy. The directions for this spray indicate that it also can be used on blossoms. Is that a good idea?

R.S., Mount Pleasant

I’m not a fan of copper products.

Try this: Spray 3 percent hydrogen peroxide now and again when the trees are in bloom. Hydrogen peroxide is very effective on other bacterial diseases and should work in this case. Let me know how it turns out.

Seems hydrogen peroxide has a lot more ways of being useful in the garden or around the house than most of us thought!

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