An Experimental Application for Weevils in Alfalfa

weevilThis is a new story we just came across through some of our friends in the hydrogen peroxide world…

Seems there was a farmer in Iowa who was having a rather serious weevil problem in their alfalfa fields.

Now, if someone had asked, most likely I’d have suggested they start with a 3 percent solution to test if there was any improvement…

But no one asked.

I’ve used hydrogen peroxide to heal all kinds of plants for many years, but I have to tell you, I never use stronger than 3 percent solutions. Usually half that is adequate to do the job for most house plant pests and diseases. I often use a 50/50 dilution in the garden outdoors as well. (50 percent 3 percent solution and 50 percent water. That’s pretty mild.

Turns out, this farmer was pretty serious about solving the problem, and went at it in a way we never would have expected. They used 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide straight on a 10 by 10 foot section of the crop.

I was sure the next thing I’d hear was that the crop had just given up and died in that 10 foot square patch. But that is not what happened.

Instead, the crop was fine, and the weevils were gone. Gone, not only from that 10 foot square, but for a major distance…as in, no weevils in that field at all after the application. And the alfalfa? Seems the 35% hydrogen peroxide didn’t bother it one bit.

Now, I have to find out if they sprayed the area down with water after application… and how long after application, if they did… because this just seems remarkable to me.

I’m working on tracking down the rest of the story and will be sure to post an update when I can get more information on this one…

I won’t go so far as to recommend using straight 35% hydrogen peroxide on any plants myself just yet; but this story came from a very reliable source, so I’ll just have to keep after the details and follow up until I can get more information.

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