FoodGradeH2O2.com is dedicated to providing cutting edge information on new and developing strategies for healthy non toxic living using hydrogen peroxide.

Our mission is to explore, discover and share new ways of caring for our selves, our homes, and our world that support our highest intentions for healthy and natural living.

Hydrogen peroxide is an incredibly simple, efficient and effective solution with a wide diversity of applications.

It is naturally abundant and present throughout all of nature. An active component of cell metabolism which protects against micro organisms within our bodies, it is also found in rain water, snow and in naturally occurring mineral springs.

While it is still maligned in regulatory governmental circles of science and medicine it’s long standing medical and industrial records are difficult to ignore. With over 10,000 medical research documents amassed by the year 2000, it is perhaps most likely that its “bad reputation” is a result of its “non viable” economic status in the world of patented pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

It’s latest expansion into animal husbandry, agriculture, water disinfection and aseptic packaging for perishable foods continues to improve yields, animal health, food safety and over all productivity across the United States.

Whether we’re speaking of cleaning products or personal care and healthy hygiene, it’s time for healthy, safe and effective solutions for all our home and personal care needs.

Hydrogen peroxide is just one part of the answer… One answer for many of our most common needs, but its part is significant. It provides a safe, clean alternative to poisons with short and long term hazards we can choose to avoid.

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